Financial Policy

We wish to inform you in advance of our financial policies.  Patients are responsible for knowing their own insurance coverage, presenting their medical insurance card, valid photo ID and paying their co-pay before being seen.  Your insurance coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company, and our goal is to assist you to the best of our ability using the information provided to us.  We must have your current and accurate insurance information at the time of service in order to submit reimbursable claims to your insurance carrier. Presentation of your insurance card will be expected at every appointment. Some insurance plans have timely filing limits. If your claim is denied because the timely filing limit has been exceeded and you have failed to provide us with accurate insurance information, you will be responsible for ALL incurred charges.

Regardless of insurance coverage, you are financially responsible for services rendered.  Although we try to verify eligibility, insurance companies will not guarantee payment, coverage, or benefits and so we do not know what will (or will not) actually be paid by them until we receive the explanation of benefits that usually accompanies insurance payment or denial.  Payment is expected at the time of service for all procedures unless prior arrangements are made.