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Kearney Eye Institute's Surgeon, Thomas J. Clinch, M.D., Places Nebraska's First-of-its-Kind Lens Implant 

Kearney Eye Institute continues to advance vision outcomes by implanting a first-of-its-kind cataract lens that provides patients the opportunity to reduce their need for glasses and contact lenses, even for close-up vision.

Ophthalmologist Thomas J. Clinch, M.D., recently placed Nebraska's first Acrysof IQ Vivity intraocular lens (IOL) by Alcon during cataract surgery. This state of the art, technologically advanced lens allows you to see clearly at crucial distance and intermediate focal points, while providing functional near vision. A traditional IOL lens only allows patients one distance of clear vision. In October, Dr. Clinch was selected as one of a handful of surgeons across the United States to begin to offer this new technology.

"The benefit to this new lens is that it provides a broad range of vision at far, intermediate, and near, while minimizing the negative visual phenomenon associated with many presbyopic-correcting lenses, known as multi-focals," stated Dr. Clinch. "It has the same risk of glare and halos at night as a traditional monofocal implant. Minimizing the negative while at the same time providing a broader range of uncorrected vision has the potential to shift the paradigm in cataract surgery treatment."

Cataracts are clouding of our natural lens and are a normal part of the aging process. As the cataract grows, it blurs our vision and/or creates glare that can impair nighttime driving. Cataracts can only be treated surgically by removing the cataract and then replacing it with an intraocular lens. The Vivity implant enables functional, up-close vision while simultaneously treating cataracts.

While not all patients are candidates for all lens options, including Vivity, Dr. Clinch performs a comprehensive cataract evaluation to customize the best IOL option for each patient. Kearney Eye Institute and Kearney Eye Surgical Center are dedicated to continuing to offer their patients the latest advancements in technology Kearney Eye Institute's mission is their patients' vision.

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