Kids Optical

From ages 2 to 5 children will be fine tuning their visual abilities, and developing new ones. This is the time that parents need to be on the lookout for vision problems. Each child between the ages 3 to 5 should get a comprehensive optometric eye exam to make sure vision is developing correctly and there is no evidence of eye diseases.

If corrective lenses are prescribed, it is important for you and your child to see a professional to ensure proper eyeglass fitting, correct measurements, and materials are used. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get kids to wear glasses for many reasons. Children can find wearing glasses uncomfortable, uncool, or too fragile for their active lifestyle.

But there’s great news! Kearney Eye Optical has trained professionals to help guide your child into the correct frames and lenses. Frames need to be comfortable, stylish, and strong. We offer a large selection of frames so that your child can feel comfortable and confident while correcting their vision so they can flourish in all aspects of development.