Eyeglass Basics


The frames you choose will not only represent your personal style but should also play a role in the lifestyle that you lead.  Frame material will be an important factor to consider when choosing a frame. Manufactures have strived to put the most cutting edge materials on the market and each serve a different purpose. For example, someone that has skin allergies or are sensitive to certain materials would want to choose a hypoallergenic material that includes plastic acetates, titanium, or stainless steel. Durability is a factor that most concern themselves with when making a glasses purchase. Those that live a more active lifestyle will want a more durable flexible material that can sustain the wear and tear. 


Eyes should always be centered in the frame. Often this is a matter of fitting and adjusting of the glasses. However, frames can fit badly and when this happens vision can be impaired and discomfort while wearing can occur. We always prefer to see the frame on the patient before proceeding with purchase to make sure that the frame fits properly. Another area on a frame to pay attention to is the bridge size and shape. In order for the lenses to sit properly on the face the nose pieces, or bridge, must fit correctly meaning nose pieces shouldn’t be too tight or slip down the nose. This also helps with comfortability while wearing the glasses. Lastly, temple length and tightness is important to consider. This is the part of the frame that sits on and behind the ears and could either be to short, too long, to tight or to lose which leads to an ill-fitting and uncomfortable pair of glasses. 


People tend to focus a lot of their time on frame selection, but not on lens selection. Lens are the actual medical device that is going to help improve your vision, therefore is an even more important decision. Lens options have expanded significantly in the last decade, and rightly so. People are using their eyes dramatically different than 20 years ago, which means we need lens options to accommodate these changes. Kearney Eye Institutes Optical Shop offers a wide variety of single vision and multi focal lens options. Within these two categories we offer many different coatings and treatments that can help with certain everyday problems and concerns such as glare, lens thickness, sun protection and more!

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